2024 Recruitment Team


James DeRouchey

VNR Recruitment

Will Murray

Assistant of Communications

Tavin Uden


Dax Rosenhagen

Event Coordinator

2024 Recruitment Event Dates

February 3rd

Event Start Time: Noon

Lunch and Dinner Provided

Activities include: House Tour, Bowling/Pool at Student Union, Moped Ride and Casino night

February 24th

IFC Recruitment House Tours (8-12)

Recruitment Event #2: Paintball & Casino Night starting at 2:00pm

April 6th

Trap Shoot.

Why Join Alpha Gamma Rho?

AGR is two fraternities in one.

Alpha Gamma Rho is both a social and a professional fraternity. AGR does what you expect a social fraternity to do, socialize with other students on campus and in the community. But AGR is also a professional fraternity that is focused on helping young men prepare to be the leaders of the global agriculture industry.

We get you ready for the real world.

Because AGR is a professional fraternity, we are concerned with promoting your career development during your college years and after graduation.
We encourage:

  • Resume development
  • Leadership experiences through officer and chapter roles and
  • Career contacts through alumni of the chapter who have gone on to be successful in the agriculture industry.

We know the reason you’re in college.

AGR never loses sight of why you came to college in the first place…to graduate and get a job. The fact that all members of the house have similar career interests makes finding peer study groups easy. Our chapter also has a library, computers, and printers that can be used by all members to increase their ability to study and do the work necessary to be successful.


AGR men are Leaders.

Leadership is an important skill you’ll learn or develop in Alpha Gamma Rho. Our members recognize the need to develop leadership skills and take an active part in fraternity and university activities. Fraternity officer positions give you real leadership experience. We also encourage leadership on campus as the house routinely has officers in numerous clubs, College of Agriculture Student Council officers, student senators, Kansas FFA officers, members of judging teams, College of Agriculture Ambassadors, and other leadership positions.

AGR plays hard too.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, AGR knows how to have a lot of fun too. We participate in various intramural sports ranging from volleyball to flag football. We also have a full calendar of social events including responsible parties, tailgates, sorority functions, and more. These social events strengthen the feeling of brotherhood and let you balance the professional and social aspects of the AGR experience.

AGR isn’t just for “farm boys.”

You don’t have to study production agriculture to join AGR. AGR is for any young man preparing for any engineering, agriculture, or food-related career, including food science, biotechnology, agri-marketing, environmental science, and many others.



About the House

Social Media

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to stay up to date with what the Chapter is up to!

Member Perspective’s

Annual Events


Brothers take a road trip along with a date and spend the weekend together at the Lake of the Ozarks. 


AGR takes part in numerous events throughout Homecoming week. Some highlights include Pant the Chant, Wildcat Request Live, and building a float for the parade. AGR along with ADPI & Acacia were named the winners of the 2023 Homecoming. 

Pink Rose

AGR’s Scholarship banquet that awards those who perform well in the classroom and exhibited high involvement within the fraternity.

Philanthropy events

— Alpha Gamma Rodeo Week:  The Men of AGR hosted a Cowboy Car wash, a Rodeo event that included fun games for the sororities to compete in, and a Mechanical bull riding competition. K-State Basketball head coach Jerome Tang even made an appearance and road the bull to help us raise money! 

— Sell-A-Fella: The men of AGR are auctioned off for 2 hours of labor to the highest bidder! Being one of the largest Philanthropy events on Campus, this event generally raises around $10,000.

— Alpha Gamma Royal: AGR hosts a cattle show at the Riley County fairground to give youth across the state the opportunity to exhibit their livestock.

Date Parties

— Rouletter: AGR has the opportunity to have a date party in “The Barn” located in Wamego. No doubt the general consensus shows it’s the most looked forward to event all year.

— Bro Ball: AGR rents out a facility at the beginning of the year to gather everyone together along with dates.


The new members of AGR preform dances to each sorority as a celebration of the conclusion of their rush week.

Brotherhood Events

Throughout the year, our VNR Membership Development plans fun activities for the Brothers to interact with each other. A favorite among the chapter is Float Trip, an event where we canoe the Kansas River.  Brotherhood bowling and paintball have been popular activities that the chapter enjoys as well. 

Moms/Dads Day

Parents are invited to Manhattan to spend time with their sons and participate in fun activities prepared by the fraternity.

AGR Information


AGR gives out over $40,000 in scholarships annually to reward members for their involvement in the chapter and on campus. These scholarships include but are not limited to giving $500 to each member with a GPA above 3.5 & $1,000 to those in the top 4 GPAs in their class.


Lunch: Monday- Friday 10:30 am to 12:45 pm

Dinner: Monday-Thursday 5:30 pm

Chapter/Formal Dinner (Wednesday)

    • Must wear a navy blue blazer, Khaki slacks, and a dynamic tie.

Study hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6-9 pm

First semester all new members are required to attend study hours.

    • 2nd-6th semesters in house are based on GPA

House Bills

House Bills are handled through a program called Omega Fi. House bills are currently $4200 per semester and can be paid in full at the beginning of the semester or paid monthly ($1050). This is cheaper than a semester in the dorms where laundry and printer costs are not included. House bills cover all meals, laundry, rent, utilities, unlimited color printing, and other operating expenses.


The Renovated house consists of two 6-man rooms, a 2-man (for Nobel and VNR Finance) and 10 4-man rooms. During the Fall semester, rooms are split between new members and existing Brothers. Spring semester room assignments are first come first served based on rank. Members are required to live in-house for 3 years while in the Fraternity except for a small few based on rank.

In House Rank

Grades, campus involvement, and how valuable your Brothers view you to the house determine in-house rank. This determines the order for Kitchen crew assignments, DD Shifts, room selection, and clean-up jobs around the house.

Bible Study

Led by our Chapter Chaplin, Bible study for our Brothers is conducted during some of the Christian seasons throughout the year. Numerous members attend Mass/services weekly as well, and a prayer is said before each dinner and chapter meetings.

Designated Drivers

Designated drivers are set in place to ensure the safety of both in-house and out-of-house Brothers and all ladies on campus. DDs run Wednesday-Saturday 7 pm - 3 am.


A unique AGR tradition is our moped gang. While this isn’t a requirement, around 60-75% of the chapter owns one as they are very convenient to get around campus.

Purple Haze II Tailgate Bus

KSU AGR shares a passion for tailgating football games. The Purple Haze bus allows us to step up our love of tailgating as it's in attendance for every home football game and has made trips to neighboring Big 12 schools for away games as well. Over 30 Brothers have traveled to at least 2 away games in the past couple of years to cheer on our football team.

A snowstorm couldn't stop these Brothers and the Bus from arriving at Bill Snyder Family Stadium 5 hours before Kickoff!
A snowstorm couldn't stop these Brothers and the Bus from arriving at Bill Snyder Family Stadium 5 hours before Kickoff!
Several of our Brothers getting ready to leave Manhattan for Ames to Cheer on KSU and stay with Iowa State's AGr.
Several of our Brothers getting ready to leave Manhattan for Ames to Cheer on KSU and stay with Iowa State's AGr.

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